Thursday, November 29, 2007


A few weeks ago, I was having trouble with facebooks and all my password problems began with this step. I couldn't download the buttons and so Ruth said to try firefox, I did and right after that my troubles began. I was confused so I skipped 6 and so now I am finishing with 6. I think the idea of this is similar to our shared drive on our computer at work, when we first started using that it made me nervous and now it is an everyday part of my life. I gotta keep playing with this new delish (do you like my new name for it?) until I feel accostumed. When the race is between a turtle and a rabbit - I am definitely the turtle!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

#5 Flickr

I put some pictures up on flicker. I like looking at all the pictures. I have been using flickr some to share pictures with family. You need to check out my pictures. I guess I forgot to write things in the blog all the time. I used to think I could add pictures but thats not the case now - I AM WOMAN - hey maybe, I should write a song like that!

#3 instant messaging

I don't know why I didn't write about this before - probably because I talked and imed Ruth across from me so I guess I thought it was already talked about. I am ready for using it with the public! I don't see that I will use it much personally because I do like to talk, but I am now confident I can handle answering questions from the public, well, I guess that depends on the question, just kidding!

Utopian Library

In order to download a book I had to renew my library card. So there's progress! I gotta say one of my personal favorites of our website is Tumble Books. I love when the books come to life. I have listened to several stories and love all the graphics.
Homework helper has been a lifesaver for me more than once when Emily was asking me to hard of math questions.
I'm not a fan of downloading a book, maybe if I had an mp-3 player - but not on my computer - I'd rather read a book and I like to read on a comfy couch. Sometimes at my house it is difficult to get on to a computer - maybe we should have a sign-up like in the lab! Our home computer has a media center so my kids use it often to watch recorded shows from earlier in the week that they couldn't watch due to school work.

Google Docs

Clutter - it takes over ys and I am one of the culprits, so I asked Mandy to join me in making a google doc on ways to avoid clutter. Mandy has not added to my doc. but she will soon. Maybe these 10 things will get us into ridding our world of clutter. How would the rest of the library react, if they came in to ys and it was clutter free! We need to take this slow because we don't want to shock anyone! I can see using this as a good way to write a document with someone else.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am not even admitting how much time it took me to figure out podcasts. It took awhile to get it that a podcast and a video clip are different. I listened to several of Jodi Picoult's podcasts. She is one of my favorite authors so it was interesting to hear her and her views on being an author and what its like to see your work go from the page to the big screen! I aslo enjoyed listening to some great speeches from history and subscribed to them - watch out I may be getting up on my soapbox and give a speech - "give me liberty - give me death!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've done the Wiki a couple of times. I even managed to enter pictures. I like pictures. I think this is kind of fun. I was trying to explain to Gary how this would be oh, so more helpful than all the telephone conferences he has. He listened. He even watched the little video clip from Common Craft. He is sticking with telephone conferences - he doesn't really accept my status as technodiva!