Monday, October 1, 2007

I am a Techno-Diva - I started my own personal blog. Who ever heard of a blog a few months ago and now I've got my own! Way Cool! I guess sitting right across from Ruth Queen Diva of Techno of all time - I had to get some Techno skills. Just a question? Is it from Osmosis? Do I know what I am doing - ah that is two questions! I wouldn't mind having the techno skills travel across the room - I do ask a lot of questions, but I worry if Techno skills travel the room would I somehow wake up one day a Sox Fan! Oh, Woe is me! Worse than becoming a Sox fan - could I possibly turn out to be the worse - a Republican!


The Skokie Ten said...

You can't be a TechnoDiva until you can copy a URL correctly! :-P


Dave said...

I bow before you and your ever increasing techno skills.

TechnoDiva said...

It is only day one - URL's are now a part of my life and I am an official blogger!